I live the Truth that I know. Divine consciousness guides my actions.

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This month’s abundance story surprised even me with how mundane and simple it was. It was a moment in the evening, as I prepared to host my first spirit group. I was reflecting on all the work that had gone into preparing for the spirit group - the planning, the emails, the shopping for snacks, reserving time in my schedule, and even rearranging my living room to comfortably seat more people. In this moment of reflection it struck me that abundance sometimes looks like work.

We often think of abundance as showing up in certain ways (at least I do) - we think abundance looks like receiving, like having a prayer answered, like having things go the way we’d hoped for, for a result that feels good, feels expansive, and connected and joyful and uplifted. To me, that’s what I’d always felt when I thought about abundance. Yet, abundance, being in the flow, being connected, being divinely inspired, takes work…

When our goals are aligned with Source and feel divinely inspired, the effort may in fact feel effortless and come easily, but not always. Liz Murray, in her memoir “Breaking Night” describes her journey of growing up with meth-addicted parents who died while she was a teen, leaving her homeless. She eventually earned her diploma and attended Harvard on a scholarship, but she first had to overcome her own resistance. She says, “I learned there is a distinct difference between saying something and doing something…between setting a goal and actually living the reality of that goal…In this way I didn’t have to choose to go to high school just once, I had to choose it over and over again, every single time I was tempted to not go.” Ellen Debenport, in her widely-dispersed book, The Five Principles, puts it this way, “Spiritual action…at base, means integrating our divine essence into ordinary, annoying, daily living with its drudgery, confusion and difficult people.”

While my moment of reflection didn’t include confusion, drudgery, or difficult people, it was certainly a very simple and mundane moment. In that moment I remembered my path to becoming a host of a spirit group. It started with Reverend Jane’s vision of Unity: a vibrant, thriving, interconnected community of spiritual seekers committed to creating a spiritual hearth together. This vision eventually inspired me to become involved first on the board of directors, and eventually to hosting a spirit group. Her vision was and IS a powerful one - so powerful that many people besides myself have and are investing work towards this vision! Now THAT’S abundance!!

How is the divine inspiring you to work? What goals are you inspired to put effort towards?