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Hopefully, by now you have registered for the regional retreat if you're a minister, spiritual leader, or LUT. Sharing Shabbat is still open for registration.  If you want to get the special block rate at The Element Hotel in Bend, you have to reserve by Sept 2! We are liable to pay for the rooms that we reserved but didn't use. We hoped that more of you would be able to come and over-committed. There's no problem with canceling the extras as long as we do it in time. So all of you procrastinators, time is up!

Meanwhile, we have at least 23 people planning to join us. It will be a wonderful retreat where the focus is on connecting with each other and self-care. We'll also have a chance to share ideas of what's working and what we'd like to see in our region. For those of you who are registered, you can expect an email with more details the week of September 4.

Mark your calendars for our annual business meeting. It will be online on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 6:00 pm, Pacific Time. Here's the link! We will send out a reminder email with more information in the coming weeks. Our agenda will include voting in a new board member as we say goodbye to our chair, Rev. Rachel Simpson, who has served the board for at least 7 years. At the meeting, we will also have reports from UWM and Unity Headquarters. Hope to see you there.

A word from Rev. Rachel as she departs her role on the board:

Dear Unity NW Region friends,

In November of 2016 I accepted an appointment to the NW Region board, and in 2018 I became the chair. As I prepare to hand over my duties, I was asked to reflect on this time. I have always felt that my service to the region was a natural extension of the covenant made when I ran for YOU regional officer, which was to be in service to Unity and the region. I am reminded of my earliest memories in the region, which are of attending Kids Camp. This was a place where I saw service in action, both teens and adults showing up with joy and unconditional love. As I got older, I found myself in a safe environment to stand before my peers and share from my heart, to listen to others with compassion, to be myself even as the world encouraged conformity.

These last 7 years have been a wild ride, locally, nationally, and globally. There have been times when I wondered if I could be happy scooping ice cream, as an ordination speech I once heard encouraged those in attendance to do if they didn’t have the fire for ministry. But I also know that I wouldn’t be where I am, and more importantly WHO I am if it weren’t for Unity and the youth programs of our region. What else could I do? Scooping ice cream wasn’t going to do.

As the twisting tides of the pandemic abate, we see that in some ways the landscape has changed. We have all learned new technical skills and seen who participates in our communities and what their priorities are shift as well. This has been happening for a long time of course, it’s certainly a much different world than when I entered YOU (gulp) 30 years ago. But a seasoned minister once told me that through all the changes, the thing that had been the same for him was the unconditional love for his congregation. And after having the honor of supporting Kids Camp this year, I can say that the unconditional love and joy experienced by the campers hasn’t changed either.

Two things I include in my wedding services are an invitation to those in attendance that they are all a part of the community surrounding this couple, and that with community they can thrive. And the second is that every day is a recommitment to each other, through all the storms and sunny days.

While my role with the region is changing, I wholeheartedly reaffirm my covenant of service to you all, the community of the region. I invite you into the relationship. Together we all thrive and create a place for the next generation to thrive as well.

With gratitude & love,


The Mystical Teachings of Jesus

With Rev. Jane Hiatt

Thursdays September 7 – October 5, From 5:00 – 7:00 PM (PDT)

Location: Online


Mindfullness Meditation 1

With Bob Kennedy, Certified Mindfullness Meditation teacher

Thursdays September 14-October 26 (no class October 12)

6:30pm-8:30pm Central, 3:30-5:30 AK

Metaphysics 1

with Rev. Rachel Simpson (SEE credit available)

September 18, 2023 to October 23, 2023 3:30-5:30pm AK, 6:30-8:30pm Central - no class Oct 9th.


with Rev. Jane Hiatt and Maya Arden

Thursdays, October 15-December 7, 5:00-7:00 pm (skips Thanksgiving) PDT


Daniel Nahmod Weekend

Please join us for any or all of the following:

Dr. Richard Loren Held’s 10th Anniversary Celebration with music by Daniel Nahmod: Saturday, September 16, 6:00 p.m. (register at; seating is limited)

Daniel Nahmod Teaching and Music: Sunday, September 17, 11:00 a.m.

Daniel Nahmod in Concert: Sunday, September 17, 12:30 p.m.

For those traveling, please let us know in advance! Unity in Lynnwood is preparing a lovely offering of pre-concert food stuffs for your comfort! In advance, welcome to Unity in Lynnwood.


Youth Events Calendar

Check out all the youth events that we are offering this year and get them on your ministry's calendar!

Click here to download



Summer Unitreat took place in Vernonia OR August 21-26. We had 19 Uniteens and 7 adults attending from 7 ministries. There were five scholarships issued. It was a beautiful, life changing week! We planted our peace pole with the words “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in 4 different languages; English, Spanish, Danish and Athabaskan.

Unitreat --a Grandparent's perspective

I thought some of you might like to hear the report of how Unitreat went as reported by a camper to his grandmother! Fun and good food but #1--a strict bedtime! Everyone had to be in bed by 11:00! (This nearly 12-year-old goes to bed at 9:00). #2 The slip-n-slide--totally awesome and so long. #3 Something amazing happened every day. Such as? A bat flew into their cabin during Spirit Share. He's going home with a phone number of a new friend and happy to make a report on Sunday to the community about his experience. I, and his parents, are so grateful to all who made this possible--Chris Castaldi, the counselors, the individual communities that sent their kids, and all of you who support our region with your tithes to make such an event possible. I know that he'll be back next year! Rev. Jane Hiatt, Unity Central Oregon



Youth of Unity Chapter X

Chapter X is an International virtual chapter of Youth of Unity, led by YOUers from around the country. If there are one or two high school-aged teens in your ministry that are having a hard time sustaining a YOU group, your teens can participate in Chapter X to meet other YOUers and be eligible to participate in Regional events. These bi-weekly meetings begin September 10th. More information will be available in the coming weeks.

Teens can learn more and sign-up at:


Youth of Unity Retreat

October 6th-8th in Randle, WA

The weekend's theme is, "Awakening Wonder."

Throughout the weekend participants will get in touch with their sense of wonder and joy. We will celebrate the good within and around us while engaging in some quality spiritual play!

YOUers must be at least 14 years old [or in ninth grade] & no more than 18 years old [or high school senior]. Participants are active members in their YOU group who have demonstrated maturity, self-discipline & self-responsibility. Retreat is for people who sincerely desire to learn more about Truth and are willing and able to contribute by actively participating in Retreat activities. Participants must attend the entire weekend experience from beginning to end.

Financial assistance available.


Youth Team Conference - Save the Date!

January 26-28, 2024 in Gold Bar, WA

The theme of the conference this year is, "The Breath of Life: The World is Our Teacher." The NW Region Youth Team Conference is an educational gathering and a time to rejuvenate, connect, inspire, and exchange mentoring wisdom.

Invest in your Youth Ministry program by sending your teachers to Youth Team Conference.

Parents in Unity

What if Unity parents could connect with other Unity parents, receive an idea and be supported in parenting more positively? What if there was a monthly Parents in Unity Zoom call to connect with Credentialed Unity Leaders, who have parented children in Unity, about an idea to incorporate into the lives of families and then have a period of sharing, and questions. We hope you'll join us 2nd Sundays starting September 10th, as follows: ET: 8pm; CT: 7pm; MT: 6pm; PT: 5pm

Join Zoom Meeting:


Your Unity Worldwide EarthCare Team is developing a 12 Powers for the Planet initiative. It provides resources for ministers, spiritual leaders and youth leaders. This is a set of online materials based on Unity’s 12 Spiritual Powers integrated with Earth stewardship and Creation care themes and information. Here is the link –

Each module will focus on one of the 12 Powers and will include the video of a Sunday talk, Youth Lessons, Self-Directed Lessons, Articles, Prayer and Affirmations, and a list of various resources related to that power and our planet.

The first few modules are ready for use and additional modules are being added regularly. The goal is to have all 12 Powers completed by the end of the year.


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