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Our number one news is Save the Date! Our retreat for ministers, spiritual leaders and licensed teachers will be September 16-18 in Couer d’Alene, Idaho. Please put it in your calendar now. It will be every bit as wonderful as the last one.

Are we Christian?

Secondly, we sent the letter describing our Region’s feelings about representing ourselves as Christian. Shad was fascinated by the idea of the survey and asked for the questions, which I shared, and also for the data it turned up. We had 29 responses to the survey, which was good as surveys go, but fewer than I’d hoped for. However, since many of the people who didn’t respond had answered similar questions at the retreat, I culled responses from that survey and combined them with the online survey. Following is the data I sent to Shad and Sylvia Sumter (UWM Board President). I received a thank you and I know the subject was discussed at their board meeting 11/20. I will be meeting with both leaders at the Regional Advisory Council on 12/13 so I’ll fill you in on the progress of this discussion in the next newsletter.

The Data
We have 39 ministries in our region, one third without a Unity leader (except an MOR, maybe)

We had 24 people at our retreat--mostly ministers or spiritual leaders, with 2 LUTs, and 2 ministers not affiliated with a ministry at present.

We had 30 responses to our survey. This comprised 21 ministries (50%), 3 ministers who are unaffiliated or retired, 6 board members, 1 LUT, and the rest ministers.

In addition to those responses, we filled out a survey at the retreat so an additional 10 people (from 4 extra ministries) responded to the questions.

Totaling the survey responses and the written retreat responses from those who didn't answer the online survey, here is the data.

  • 37/40 resonate with UWH's description of Unity. 1 did not. 2 felt it could be more precise.
  • 36/40 wanted the freedom to market without the word Christianity.
  • 7/40 resonated with metaphysical Christianity as a descriptor and 2 wanted "yes, and..."

Black Stone Ceremony
Several of you asked for copies of the Black Stone Forgiveness Ceremony that Rev. Susan Gumm led at the retreat. She has provided it for anyone who wants a copy. Please find it attached to the bottom of this email.

Our tithe for December will be going to Unity Spiritual Community of Central Oregon as a thank you for hosting the Regional Retreat.


Classes & Events

The Christ Class (SEE)


w/Rev. Cylvia Hayes

November 28 - Jan 9


Youth Team Conference

January 26-28, 2024

Gold Bar, WA


Quantum Living Training


w/Rev. Denese Schellink

Feb. 1 - Mar. 7



Fall Unitreat Update

19 Uniteens & Adults gathered at Cispus Learning Center for our Fall Retreat "What Do You Stand For". We spent time on the challenge course, completed a service project, connected, prayed and played. We reflected on both the 12 Powers, plus virtues and values that the Uniteens know are within themselves.

Summer Unitreat - Save the Date!

Camp Cedar Ridge in Vernonia, Oregon

July 28-Aug 2. 

Why Summer Unitreat? To make Unity connections with practical spirituality with experiential curriculum. Open to all 6th, 7th, 8th graders, 11-14 year olds. Uniteen sponsors & supporters requested! Cost - $450.00.

When finishing 5th grade your last year at Kids camp is important for you. Kids Camp, also at Cedar Ridge is June 30-July 3. 


Youth Team Conference

The Breath of Life: The World is Our Teacher
January 26-28, 2024 Gold Bar, WA

Youth Team Conference is an educational gathering: a time to rejuvenate, connect, inspire, and exchange mentoring wisdom. Please join us to immerse yourself in a loving, supportive community, vision a bright and vibrant future, and connect with others that are passionate about youth ministry. Mark Stanton Welch will, once again, bless us with his music!  Learn more.



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