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Unity EarthCare         


In This Issue:

● 12 Powers for our Planet  ● Unity Convention 2023: EarthCare Report  ● Plugged in and Powered Up, an EarthCare Practice and Presence  ● EarthCare YouTube Channel  ● Mentoring/ Collaborative Calls  ● Facebook  ● Questions? Here’s who to contact.  ● Some final thoughts 


In 2001, the Unity Northwest region hatched the idea to launch a program to help Unity congregations become better stewards of our planet. That leadership from our region led to development of the Unity Worldwide EarthCare program and to date 49 congregations have become certified EarthCare congregations.    

The EarthCare program exists to help your congregation grow and thrive by fostering awareness of our spiritual oneness with our Earth home and promoting active care of creation.  The EarthCare program helps with:

  • Guiding congregations through the simple process of getting established as an EarthCare congregation
  • Improving energy, water and waste efficiency at your facilities
  • Establishing environmental education programs
  • And ? (Every EarthCare program is totally unique) …

There are currently four EarthCare certified congregations in our Northwest region – Seattle, Lynnwood, Beaverton and Central Oregon.  Lynnwood has recently reached the highest level of certification.  Four additional congregations are moving forward with certification. 

Getting started is as easy as having your Board and minister agree to environmentally responsible practices and stewardship and then beginning simple practices such as setting up a recycling program or improving energy efficiency.  After that, well, the skies the limit!  Each EarthCare program is unique based on the congregations needs and interests. 

The EarthCare program offers great opportunities for youth engagement and leadership.  It also provides opportunities for community events and engagement and drawing interest from younger people who are spiritually interested and also committed to environmental and social action. 

Each year leading EarthCare congregations are awarded the Green Star award on stage at the Unity Worldwide convention.  

The EarthCare ministry team has members representing each of the U.S regions and we are here to help.  The Unity Northwest region member is Cylvia Hayes from Unity of Central Oregon.  We would be happy to help you establish, or grow, your congregation’s EarthCare program. 

Resources to help:

Cylvia Hayes, UWI Core Team

Unity of Central Oregon

Phone: (541) 617-9013


EarthCare Newsletter


Questions? Challenges? Opportunities for Training?

This is what the UNWR's Regional Representative is here for! 

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6947 Coal Creek Pkwy SE

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