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PO Box 12798, Mill Creek, WA 98082

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Annual Conference Discussions

26 Oct 2021 9:42 PM | Anonymous

This Wednesday the 27th at 1pm Pacific we will have a community meeting about our annual conference. 

We've had two online conferences that were each 3-4 days long. This model has allowed more folks to attend than have in the past, but there's disadvantages too. We'd like to talk about what could best serve our community going forward. 

Virtual workshops spread through the year? Virtual conference similar to what we've done? In person retreat experiences? Sub-regional gatherings? Some combination of these? Something else?

We hope you'll join us for this exploration of possibilities 

October 27th, at 1 Pacific

Meeting ID: 889 8684 5396

PO Box 12798 

Mill Creek, WA 98082 

PH: 206-550-2524


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