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6947 Coal Creek Pkwy SE, PMB #114

Newcastle, WA 98059

Regional Representative         

The Regional Representative serves as the liaison between Unity Worldwide Ministries, the Region they represent, and the ministries within that Region.

Within the Region, the Regional Representative serves ministries, ministers and spiritual leaders. If you have questions about Regional Leadership Training, contact the Regional Representative.

Contact Rev. Richard Broderhausen

Regional Representative



Rev. Rich Broderhausen was ordained at Unity School for Religious Studies on June 11, 1992. "My best preparation for ministry came from working the night shift full-time on the Silent Unity prayer line for 18 months while in school." Prior to ministry, Rich worked for 20 years in sales, management and as a business owner. He also served on the board and as YOU sponsor for 4 years at Unity Church of Truth in Spokane, WA.

Following his wife Kris' ordination in 1993, the pair pioneered Unity Church of North Spokane, now the Unity Center of Divine Love & Light. While co-ministering and building a new church home facility, completed just in time for Christmas Eve Service 2004, Rich continued to work in corporate sales and later in residential real estate. 

Nationally, from 2015-2018 Rich helped to create the Unity Ministries Advisory Board and co-chaired that Board for the first year. He initiated and chaired the Unity Ministries Colleague Connection Team (2014-2018), its purpose being to reach out personally to Unity Ministries and ministers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Regional service came on the Unity Northwest Board for six years (2013-2019), as Board Chair for three of those years, and as chaplain and board representative at numerous YOU events in the region. Following 26+ years at the Unity Center of Divine Love & Light, Rich and Kris gratefully retired from full-time ministry on December 31, 2019.

As Regional Representative Rich is committed to be "our regional point person for church questions and concerns and an advisor to church leadership on considerations and processes to empower them to find solutions for church needs and challenges." Rich also acts as an information source and referral facilitator for Northwest Region ministries, represents the Northwest Region and Unity Worldwide Ministries to ministries having organizational challenges, is a communication channel between the Northwest Region and the Unity WorldWide organization through serving on the Unity Worldwide Standards Team, and sits on the Regional Board.

Questions? Challenges? Opportunities for Training?

This is what the UNWR's Regional Representative is here for! 

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Unity NW Region

6947 Coal Creek Pkwy SE

PMB #114

Newcastle, WA 98059


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