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August Affirmation:  God is the wellspring of my being, my community, and our world.

(Say for yourself, your Unity community, Unity NW region and One Unity)

The word wellspring in original Hebrew phrase in the bible translates: “from the heart are the out-flowings or outgoings of life.”  Wellspring: a source of continual supply

Manifest things may be thought of as symbols that represent intangible things.  One manifest thing may serve as a symbol of a number of different mental and spiritual conditions.  For instance, water used in baptism may represent a mental cleansing process.  To the engineer, however water may represent power.  To one who is thirsty, it represents refreshment. Money may represent several mental and spiritual qualities.  It may symbolize God’s bounty.  It may merely mean poor reward for hard work, or it may represent a good time that we are to enjoy.  Money may even represent poverty when we believe it is hard to get………

Anyone who wishes to be on friendly terms with money, yet not dominated by it should think of it as a symbol of God’s abundant, inexhaustible substance.

Money was invented for our convenience, to expedite the exchange of services and goods.  Money was designed to help us, not to worry us.  Money actually has no power or character except that which we give it.

Our attitudes toward money determine whether it will be a curse or a blessing.  If we bless our money and make it a blessing to others, blessings will come home to us.

Money has no value except that which we give it, and its value is dependent upon our faith in fellow human beings. 

When we go directly to God and acknowledge God in all our circumstances we will be sustained by God.  Money is merely a symbol of values.  When we place our faith in the symbol rather than in the true value, we are disappointed.  We must train ourselves to look directly to God for our prosperity and not to trust too much in money.

Excerpts from the booklet “The Unity Guide to Prosperous Living”

Selected and edited by Connie Fillmore

On a recent Sunday a congregant came up to me and handed me a booklet she had on Unity prayer.  She said, maybe you can use it.  I had it with me during the service.  Afterward someone came up to me for prayer.  I lovingly listened, held her in sacred space and prayed.  After prayer the little voice within kept saying the booklet, the booklet, that was on a nearby chair.   I asked the person, would you like this Unity booklet on prayer.  She said, yes.  And opened it to a prayer, she read aloud.  It was a perfect prayer to use as she moved. The next evening, I called the congregant, who gave me the booklet.  And told her the journey of the Prayer booklet.  She was so delighted.  Three people were blessed, the giver, receiver, and conduit.  This is true prosperity.

Have a glorious summer.  Shine bright, enjoy the beauty all around.  Sometime this month be the giver, open and receive and be the conduit for Spirit.  Acknowledge and celebrate you with each act.

Love and Blessings,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


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6947 Coal Creek Pkwy SE

PMB #114

Newcastle, WA 98059


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