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Keepers of the Light        

Hello Dear Keepers,


October Affirmation: I AM fully supported in all ways.  And so, it is.


Say it for yourself, change it to say for your Unity community, our NW Unity Region and One Unity.  One Unity is the coming together of Unity Worldwide Headquarters and Unity Worldwide Ministries, a powerful force for Good in the world.​


“Some persons are over timid about their religion.  They fear ridicule and misunderstanding. A certain banker had established a certain time each day for going into the silence to pray.  His bank, was located in a country town, needed to borrow what it considered a large sum of money, and he was in New York City negotiating for the loan, but without apparent success.  However, he was strong in the silence and trusted God regardless of appearances.  While he was talking the matter of the loan over with the New York City banker his “silence hour” approached, and our country banker was puzzled what to do.  He finally decided to be honest with God, and in the midst of the apparently unfavorable discussion in regard to the loan, he quietly announced that he always devoted a few moments to prayer at that hour and begged to be excused”

“The face of the city banker at once lighted up.  He instantly recognized that this country friend had something that he did not have:  he was poised, peaceful, trustful in the face of defeat.  So, the city banker hesitatingly replied that he also was in the habit of observing a daily moment of prayer and he would gladly join him.  Then and there they entered the silence together and had a high realization of God’s power to supply and to bless.  At the conclusion of their prayer session the city banker informed the country banker that he was satisfied that his securities were good and that the loan would be made without delay.”


Almighty! We bow before Thine infinite goodness and invoke in prayer Thine all-merciful presence of love.  We ask, and as we ask, we give thanks that Thy power and presence are here in love and that we are tightly held in Thine all-embracing arms, where our every need is supplied and where we shall ever rest secure from all the buffets of the world.

Open to us the inner chambers of peace and harmony, which divinely belong to us as they children.

We come as little children into the sacred and trustful presence of Thy love, knowing full well that only love can draw and hold us in peace and harmony and prosperity.

Every fear falls away as we enter into Thee and Thy glory of love and as we bask in the sunshine of love, Thy love, Thy never-failing love!


From Teach Us to Pray by Charles Fillmore and Cora Fillmore

​​​​​​Page 35, 36, 37

I behold the Love you are, shine bright.

No stories this month, please consider sending a story about some Good in your Life.  


May we all appreciate, praise, and prosper,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


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PO Box 12798 

Mill Creek, WA 98082 

PH: 206-550-2524


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