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Keepers of the Light        

Dear Keepers,

November Affirmation: There is a power within me that guides my way for an enriching Life.

Remember prosperity is all about your Life working well. It is not about money.

So, what if it isn’t working well?

I’ve been a little down this Fall. It helped to not watch the news. Still, I just didn’t feel like my usual self. Friends at Unity Center of Davis California were going to a retreat at Unity Village. They invited me. just a few weeks before the retreat a long-time friend, a spiritual sister decided to go. I invited her to room with me. Just arriving at Unity Village, I felt uplifted, refreshed. After meditating in Myrtle Fillmore’s grove, the next day, I sensed a calm inner peace, a feeling of well-being that had eluded me. I was at home with my body, mind, and Spirit. Truly, one with the One.

My Spirit sister and I had a joyous time. We had done our Licensed Unity Teacher training together and supported each other on our Spiritual paths in many ways. The retreat was on grief; we learned how we have all been experiencing grief as well as different ways to support ourselves and others. It was a wonderful group of attendees and facilitators. We had the opportunity to pray and meditate in the Prayer Vigil Room, lots of free time to wander the village and walk the new labyrinth.

I came home Sunday evening and was notified I had been exposed to Covid. Monday, I tested negative. Tuesday, I tested positive. Already isolating, I needed to notify multiple people. Our NW Regional Board retreat was scheduled to start Friday. Several members were staying in our home. I was providing lunch for Saturday. Dr Richard stepped in to find alternate housing and ideas for lunch. Thank you, Dr. Richard.

I was disappointed and sad. One minute you are one with Spirit and on the mountain top. The next you’re maybe in the valley unable to see the mountain top due to the clouds of disappointment, quilt and just not feeling well. In my solitude I could read more, meditate longer and image being at Unity Village and feel the energy of Myrtle. Then I could practice gratitude as taught during the retreat. Gratitude that I really did not feel very ill, more like a mild cold. Gratitude for all the technology I learned due to covid. Gratitude for a husband, who made me laugh. When he said, “The length some people go to, so they don’t have to clean the house.” Gratitude for our puppy that insisted on being with me during prayer and meditation time daily.

I attended the board retreat via zoom. I still laughed with them and gave them my two cents worth of ideas.

Last Sunday I found out that my two-house guests stayed with a friend, who is on the ministerial path. She had requested earlier for one to stay with her; she was told already staying at my home. She was delighted and blessed to have the two board members in her home.

Having spiritual practices, we do daily, helps us cope when plans change. Doing them especially when we are in the valley helps use climb up the mountain for a higher perspective.

An affirmation I adapted from Daily Word a few weeks ago:

The conditions of the world have no power over me. I am one with God, I Thrive.

Change the word conditions to what is going on in your world. Sometimes I said covid, other times politics.

Remember prosperity is always about being supported on your life journey.


Barbara Thorp, LUT


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