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Keepers of the Light        

May Affirmation: I am on the path of Abundant living. All is in perfect balance.

Say it for yourself, your Unity community, Unity NW Region, and One Unity. One Unity the coming together of Unity Worldwide Headquarters and Unity Worldwide Ministries a powerful force for Good in the Universe.

This is my story is from February. I was so blessed to have received stories from others the last two months.

John and I finally got to travel after his two eye surgeries. We were with friends in Palm Desert, California a couple we have known for many years. She and I went a store we both wanted to explore. After leaving we drove a short distance in the parking lot, and she requested to go to another store as we drove by. I parked. We went in looked around for a while. She received a phone call as we left the store. I proceeded to where I thought I had parked. It was another rental car similar to ours. So, I wandered around the lot looking for my car. My friend continued to talk on the phone. Standing next to a car. She didn’t wave or call out to me.

Finally, I went to her to tell her I couldn’t find the car. She pointed at the car, beside her.

I could not believe she couldn’t wave or call out to me. I was incensed, thought how rude. My body language said it all, I’m sure. She just continued in her phone conversation while I drove back to the house. I got water and went outside on the patio. She continued with her phone conversation. I stewed over this. Ruminated about, tried multiple times to let it go.

We went out to dinner with friends and my inner dialog ceased and we all had a good time.

Guess what? When I went to bed the inner dialog started again. I had a restless night.

I’m usually, up before anyone else. With a cup of coffee in hand I went out to the patio to read my Daily Word and have my prayer and meditation time.

As is often the case the Daily Word was forgiveness, titled Forgiveness heals my heart.

The opening sentences said, “Few things have the constricting effect on my heart that resentment does. Even if I believe my anger is justified, I realize I am paying too high a price by holding on to it and letting it fester. Withholding forgiveness is a punishment I inflict only upon myself. Nothing is worth sacrificing my peace of mind.”

It went on to say, “Today I shift my thoughts away from what someone said or did…….. Instead, I place my attention on healing through forgiveness.” February 24, 2022 Forgiveness

I finished reading it and went into prayer, sending love to the person and myself.

Next, I took out my prayer list. At the top of the list, I write the Keeper of the Light affirmation for the month. I began reading the affirmation for February, “In my Oneness” at that moment a realization came so clear and powerful that if I has been in my Oneness with Spirit the incident would not have bothered me. In that instant all feelings of irritation, frustration, and anger were gone. Never to return.

May I remember my Oneness with Spirit sooner, be present with the living presence of Spirit that I AM more often.

In Truth, we are under no laws but God’s laws, and we allow these laws to work for us as we work with them. Gratefully we acknowledge all the good already in our lives and all the additional good coming our way right now. We are fearless, certain, and secure because our awareness of Source, our Creator, is our never-ending supply. Shared with permission.

From the Release and Renew Lent Booklet

Written by our own soon to be Rev. Cylvia Hayes

Bend, Oregon

Abundant Blessings,

Barbara Thorp, LUT

Live each day in joyful expectation of good


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6947 Coal Creek Pkwy SE

PMB #114

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