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Keepers of the Light        

June 1, 2021

Dear Keepers,​​


June Affirmation: I give thanks for my increased awareness of the Powers I have to enrich my Life, community and the world. (Say for yourself, change it to say for your Unity community, our NW Unity Region and One   Unity.  One Unity the coming together of Unity Worldwide Headquarters and Unity Worldwide Ministries a powerful force for Good in the world.)​


Excerpts from Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay by Jim Rosemergy


The three things we must discard to experience the riches that ours in God: 

“The first is judging by appearances.” 

“The second is thinking lack.” 

“the third is holding resentments toward ourselves and others.”  



Let us listen in the quietness of our souls, and we will hear the still small voice saying:

“Where is your faith?  In a penny?  In your job?  In your pension plan?  In the government?  In a person?”


I add - in your congregants.


“A Consciousness of God is continuously manifesting itself in our lives, but we often fail to see the manna on the ground the quail in the air.  We think our prosperity comes in the form of our paychecks or interest and dividends. In most people’s lives, there are numerous other expressions of our awareness of our source. When a friend takes us out to dinner, this is a manifestation of our consciousness and a demonstration for our friend.  When our neighbor shares vegetables from his garden, we are blessed.

For a period of seven days, make a record of these kinds of instances, and you will discover blessings which you have overlooked for years.  The avenues through which you are blessed are numerous. 


Some of my 7-day blessings:

We planned a renewal for our backyard.  A friend that knows a lot about plants and has a gorgeous yard; came to see our backyard.  Then she drew up a basic plan for the yard with multiple plant, tree ideas and presented it me a few days later.  We planned a visit to a big nursery. She offered to drive her truck, just in case there were plants I wanted to buy. We found several plants and over lunch she showed me on the drawing where to place them.

The team didn’t show to finish the new lawn and berm in the backyard due to illness on Thursday and Friday.  So, they were available to plant the trees and shrubs I purchased on Monday. We have been invited to dinner at friends.  We received an unexpected refund check from our bank because they withheld too much money for taxes. I have been invited to swim in my friend’s pool at least 5 times a week and the water is 88 degree.  I AM so blessed.

Please take note of your prosperity blessings for 7 days.  You will be amazed.  Then share them with me and I’ll use them in the next Keeper letter or two.


“Manifestation begins in the Silence.”

Abundant Blessings,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


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PO Box 12798 

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